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Senior System Architecture Designer

Permanent  / 1 to 3 Years experience

> $5000 monthly

Job Description

Who are we?

We are the System Architecture Group at StarFive in Singapore. We focus on micro-architectural design, modeling, exploration and benchmarking. We help leadership and different stakeholders to make a data driven design decisions.


  • CPU, cache, bus interconnection micro-architecture design and exploration
  • Build the confidence performance model that can quantify the results with data-driven methodology
  • Using existing benchmarks and writing own synthetic testing to correlate performance with RTL implementation
  • Understand the HW/SW interface and requirements coming from SoC and software teams and independently working on possible modelling and simulation solutions
Job Requirements
  • BS/MS/PhD with relevant experience in Computer Architecture or strong interest in System Design/Computer Architecture
  • Proficient in C/C++ and scripting languages (Perl/Python)
  • Knowledge of one or more areas in computer architecture: CPU pipeline, cache hierarchy, interconnect network architectures etc
  • Any prior experience in developing simulation-based performance models for SoC subsystems for architectural exploration and design tradeoffs evaluations is a plus
  • Familiarity with Verilog/System Verilog/Chisel required but not mandatory
  • Knowledge of RISC-V ISA is valuable but not mandatory
  • Knowledge of assembly language in any of the ISA (X86, ARM etc) is valuable
  • Any prior experience is bare metal environment for benchmarking using performance monitoring tools like perf etc is valuable
  • Working knowledge of operating system (e.g. Linux) internals and/or compiler is preferred but not mandatory
  • Ability to deliver high quality analysis and independently drive modeling tasks is preferred
  • Curiosity and Enthusiasm to explore advance state of the art technologies with calculated risks
  • Strong interpersonal skills, written and oral; good team player
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