System on Chip Architect

Permanent  / No Prior Experience experience

> $5000

Posted 31 Jan, 2023

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Job Description
  • Participate in the micro-architecture design and/or implementation of SoC subsystems such as multicore processors, cache, and interconnect
  • Work with senior architects to optimize the performance, power, and area of the SoC subsystems
  • Architectural modelling/simulation, performance analysis, and identifying bottlenecks
  • Maintain and automate the development environment
Job Requirements
  • BS/MS/Phd in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Computer Science or related fields.
  • Basic knowledge of computer architecture, such as CPU micro-architecture, multicore processing, network-on-chip, memory hierarchy
  • Competent in C/C++ coding skills, including OOP, Data Structures etc.
  • Familiar with basic software engineering skills
  • Experienced with version control systems like git/mercurial
  • Any of following skills is a plus
    • RTL design (Verilog/VHDL/Chisel)
    • Assembly language programming (x86/ARM/RISCV)
    • Scripting in python etc
  • Eagerness to learn, good communication and collaboration skills
  • Fresh Graduates are welcome
About Company

StarFive – Leading the revolution of RISC-V technology and ecosystem. StarFive was founded in August 2018, with its headquarter located in Shanghai with various offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Shunde of Guangdong, Shenzhen, Taiwan and Silicon Valley. StarFive started Southeast Asia expansion in early 2021 with successful launch of Malaysia Design Centre and StarFive Singapore office. To date, StarFive employed 200+ employees globally with most of its employees currently based in Shanghai, Beijing & Chengdu. StarFive has an experienced international management team in R&D and semiconductor operations. StarFive is the leader of RISC-V technology and ecosystem development in China with complete and silicon proven portfolio of RISC-V CPU IP series and platform-based software and hardware full stack chip solution. StarFive products are widely used in smart home appliances, smart monitoring, industrial robots, traffic management, intelligent logistics, wearable devices, solid state storage, network communications and edge computing, etc. StarFive Singapore will be focusing on analog and mix signal design platform, software and hardware architecture design, algorithm and protocol development, and end-to-end solutions for international market.