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Junior System Architecture Engineer

Permanent  / No Prior Experience experience

> $5000 monthly

Job Description

StarFive is a leading provider of RISCV processors, platforms and solutions. StarFive products are widely used in smart home appliances, smart monitoring, industrial robots, traffic management, intelligent logistics, wearable devices, solid state storage, network communications and edge computing, etc.

We are intensively designing next generation high performance RISC-V CPU and RISC-V-based SoC chips. Talents who are passionate in research and development for future chips are welcomed to join us. Being part of this vibrant team, you can produce world class successful commercial chips supported by efficient software stacks.

  • Maintain the automation of development environment (CI testing) and integrate the performance modelling and simulation platform and framework for micro-architecture explorations
  • Investigate the current state of the art of CPUs and system on chip architecture including cache, on-chip interconnect, and memory hierarchy
  • Implement simulation models for performance modelling of System-on-Chip components like caches, interconnect, and memory controllers
  • Maintain, porting and cross-compile the benchmarks and master the sampling and trace-based simulation techniques
  • Join the activity of micro-architectural exploration and data analysis for different benchmarks a
  • Join the activity of architecture optimization for next generation of processor
  • Develop automation strategies to maintain our core performance simulation models with strict quality gating and high-quality data reporting
Job Requirements
  • BS/MS with course work in Computer Architecture/Systems Engineering/Software Development
  • Familiarity with software development and integration; usage of tools like JIRA, GIT, GERRIT, JENKINS
  • Ability to setup benchmark suite (eg: Geekbench, SPEC), profile and gather performance results
  • Having basic knowledge of modern processor architecture and cross-compilation environment (e.g. embedded system development)
  • Able to program with assembly languages to enable benchmark porting and debugging
  • Competent in C/C++ and scripting languages (Perl/Python)
  • Skillful on working in Linux server environment
  • Fresh Graduates are welcome
  • Strong interpersonal skills, written and oral; good team player
  • Curiosity to learn and execute at fast pace; communicate effectively with mentors and other team members
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