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Job Description

  • Design and Develop Optical Interposer products for yield and performance.
  • Drive yield enhancement and defect elimination on a variety of optical engine designs for Optical Interposer
  • Perform data analysis, problem characterization, and fault isolation to determine the root cause of the problem
  • Define problems by identifying failure modes, quantity of material affected, percent fallout, etc
  • Responsible for monitoring, improving, recording, organizing, tracking and presenting the process for fab partners
  • Implement checklists, guidelines, "lesson learnt" and history documents to capture and record all yield-improvement activities
  • Yield maintenance and yield improvement on multiple products
  • Yield analysis to provide yield loss correlation to electrical, optical and physical (placement) parameters
  • Analysis of related failure analysis methodologies, such as electrical failure analysis and physical analysis

Job requirements

  • Preferable experience with technical background in optoelectronics, optical components, and photonic device systems and sub-systems.
  • Hands-on in semiconductor-based light-emitting optoelectronics is preferred.
  • Possess strong data driven analytics and systematic problem-solving skills.
  • Strong knowledge of failure analysis methodologies.
  • Programming and scripting skills and computational literacy, e.g. C/C++, Python, MATLAB/Octave, etc.
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